Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases

Hackathon event at Tallinn University of Technology

On 19th and 20th of March a further hackathon took place in the context of BCP. Tallinn University of Technology organized two days of presentations, discussions and development of new ideas.

Ideas for one of the apps

First day

The first exercise was to collect ideas using world cafe tool about different topics including different stakeholders (PHA, investors, students, TalTech employees). Then the participants were given the chance to choose which topic they would like to „hack“ and develop a digital solution for.

After that the participants received a lecture from Mr. Tanel Ross (Ministry of Finance in Estonia) how the developed results should consider policy view in their development process. The participant teams had to think and present how they would approach this from policy view.

The day continued with a lecture from Mr. Priit Kruus (CEO of Dermtest) how the solution should consider different aspects from a business view.

Second day

The second day started with the event Partner SME Thorgate providing the overview of the day, starting with writing user stories and introducing prototyping software that can be used for the day. The rest of the day was used for developing the solutions in teams with regular feedback sessions from Thorgate and IT experts.

The day ended with presenting the solutions on stage to a panel of actual investors in the field and the PHA. 5 prototypes on e-health applications were developed by the end of the second day.